Bed Neighbor is the most hospital-centric social network of all time!

Designed to turn hospital stays into a unique social experience, this network allows you to meet other roommates, share absurd stories, and maybe even let love blossom between IV drips and thermometers!

Bed Neighbor

To make the hospital stay lighter and more fun by fostering carefree encounters and new friendships among patients.

Key Features

For Patients: Offer a light and fun experience, reducing the stress of hospitalization and allowing new connections in an original and carefree way. For Hospitals: Help create a positive and collaborative environment, improving patients’ emotional well-being and fostering a climate of mutual support.

Eccentric Profiles

Create a profile with fun details like your “hospital superpower.” Upload a hospital-themed profile picture (e.g., superhero gown).

Cheeky Matches

Browse other patients’ profiles to find your perfect “bed neighbor.” Use the “Affinity Thermometer” to see who your best match is! (coming soon)

Challenges and Games

Participate in daily challenges like “Who tells the best adventure?” or “Hospital meme contest.” Play interactive mini-games like “Chamomile Operation” or “Ward Bingo.” (coming soon)

Crazy Events

Event calendar featuring “Colored Catheter Party” or “The Great Cast Ball.” (coming soon) Join virtual karaoke sessions and quiz shows live from your room. (coming soon)

How It Works


Create a hilarious profile on Bed Neighbor.


Browse profiles, make matches, and start chatting and joking.


Join events and games, turning the hospital stay into a social experience.


Share moments of support with a touch of humor, keeping morale high.

Bed Neighbor aims to make hospital stays a time of laughter and new friendships, turning the boredom of hospitalization into an opportunity to socialize and have fun. With a pinch of humor and lots of lightheartedness, every patient can feel part of a lively and supportive community.

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